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I am a certified sound therapist with a background in clinical and health psychology with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa, Ontario and sound certification from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. I am also certified in Conscious Connected Breathwork and First Degree Reiki. With over 15 years of personal and professional experience in mental health through my own struggles with depression and background as a Clinical and Health Psychologist, instructor, researcher, published author, and sound therapist working with a diverse range of participants, I’ve been a trusted guide and therapist to many.

I’m Tiffany Hunt: Your Trusted Guide Helping You Discover the Healing Power of Sound

I am intuitively drawn to water, nature, and animals: the sound of ocean waves, leaves rusting in the wind, cats’ gentle purrs. Nature’s sounds are quite grounding for me: I don’t just hear them, I feel them in my core. The things that transcend our senses are where we make our deepest connections. It’s not enough for me to simply talk or think about them, I have to experience them. 

As an empath and someone with years of experience in the mental health field on a professional and personal level, I understand the need and desire to release emotional blocks and live in the present. However, I appreciate firsthand the challenges of finding adaptive coping outlets that resonate with you. All of this led me to sound healing: a transformative experience that allows me to quiet my mind, step into my body, and open my heart and intuition. Because of my experience with it, I am now passionate about sharing it with others. I invite you to tune into what it can do for you.

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I like the sound of that!

Through my experience, I have witnessed and related to so many people as they navigate ways to regulate their emotions, heal past wounds, and find some semblance of inner peace. As I have evolved as a practitioner and as a human being, I have come to learn and respect that transformative experiences happen through various healing modalities. Like so many others, I have lost and found my voice along the way, so I’m passionate about leading others back to their centre to rediscover their authentic selves. Whether it’s comfort, support, encouragement, validation, or peace of mind, I hope to open up the unexpected possibilities of sound.

I’m Passionate About Opening Up Unexpected Ways to Experience Healing and Connection Here

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Hear your mind, body, and spirit whisper?

While I’m drawn to the concept of mindfulness and meditation, I’ve always struggled to slow down my brain. As it turns out, I’m not alone. That is what led me to sound healing: a vessel that calms my brain and slows me down. Through sound, I experienced spiritual and emotional shifts that were never possible for me before. Now, I’m passionate about sharing this work with others — my intention being to facilitate spiritual, emotional, and physical connection. Practicing from a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach, I show genuine care toward individuals of all walks of life.

As An Empath and Intuitive Counselor, I Operate From a Holistic Mind, Body, and Spirit Approach

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Anything sweet (& salty) — whispers: balance, am I right?

A Few Of My Faves

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Explore the possibilities sound healing can offer you.

Sound meditation is a beautiful modality that can facilitate experiences of relaxation, meditation, emotional release, inner-child connection, intuition, clarity, physical relief, and improved sleep. Drawing on a variety of techniques and instruments — from crystal singing bowls, kindred spirit drums, ocean drum, chimes, gong, crystal pyramid, a Himalayan bowl, voice, and more — we’ll work together to build a sound session that is tailored uniquely to you and your intentions. While everyone experiences sound sessions differently, my intention is always rooted in healing.

Tune Into the Healing and Transformative Power of Sound

Hear Your Senses Whisper? Let’s Build Your Sound Session Together

Sound sessions can be customized to specific groups, including but not limited to Veterans, First Responders, pregnant women, end of life, goddess circles, clubs, parties, or specific interest groups and for a variety of purposes including PTSD, anxiety, depression, relaxation, clarity, and transformation. Drawing on your unique intentions, we’ll work together to tailor your session to meet your needs.

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