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Should I do an individual or a group session?

If you’re looking for something more personalized and private, you may want to do an individual sound session (whispers: the only person who will potentially snore during your session is you)! Once you know what instruments/sounds you like best, sessions can be tailored to your preferences and your intentions. However, the energy that is created from a group sound session, as well as group intentions, can be a powerful and unique experience to share with others!

What should I bring to a session?

It’s all about comfort! I recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers. You will need a yoga mat and/or cushion to sit/lie down on. A pillow and/or blankets may also help to maximize your comfort. Of course, you’re invited to bring your own intentions to a session, as well as an open mind for what you’re about to experience.

What is a “soundbath?”

A “soundbath” or a sound session, is an immersive sound experience (whispers: no bathing suits or soap products required). You essentially remain seated or lying down on a yoga mat while various instruments and sounds fill the space around you. All you need to do is get comfortable, breathe, and let the sounds do the work.

What should I expect during and after a session?

Everyone is encouraged to set intentions (e.g., relaxation, emotional release). However, expect the unexpected. Experiences are different with each/every session. People commonly report relaxation, emotional release, physical sensations, imagery, clarity, and inner child/teen memories or reflections. It’s completely normal for your mind to wander during the session. Give yourself permission to come back to the sounds and/or your intention(s) for the session as needed. 

Different sounds and sessions of sound therapy will evoke different experiences. Participants have described experiences of gratitude, sheer relaxation, and comfort. However, some sounds may evoke discomfort. If that happens, breathe through it (i.e., breathe in what you need, breathe out what you don’t need); but ultimately, you know you and your body best! You can always pause, change positions, or quietly leave the room and/or session and rejoin as needed.

If emotions come up during or after a session — let them out! It’s okay to cry or release whatever emotion or experience no longer serves you. All sessions (individual and group) will include an opportunity to “debrief” about the experience. Participants are invited, but not expected, to share their experiences. It’s common to continue to “flush” emotions for the 24-48 hours following a session. During this period, I recommend drinking water and staying hydrated.

Hear Your Senses Whisper? Let’s Build Your Sound Session Together

Sound sessions can be customized to specific groups, including but not limited to Veterans, First Responders, pregnant women, end of life, goddess circles, clubs, parties, or specific interest groups and for a variety of purposes including PTSD, anxiety, depression, relaxation, clarity, and transformation. Drawing on your unique intentions, we’ll work together to tailor your session to meet your needs.

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