As a clinical and health psychologist, I was trained in a scientist/practitioner model. I’m proud of my PHD and related work roles.  I’m also proud of my own mental health journey and where it’s led me. I’ve struggled with depression on and off since childhood. I know the angst of feeling dark and desperately searching for any form of relief. I also know that some “gold standard” treatments (both psychological and pharmacological) that “should” help haven’t always helped me. This was an important revelation both personally and professionally as it opened my eyes, mind, and heart to integrative and/or innovative approaches for both myself and my clients. In fact, it’s what led me to get certified in alternative approaches such as sound therapy, breathwork, and Reiki. 

Holistic Healing

As I have evolved as a practitioner and as a human being, I have come to learn and respect that transformative experiences happen through various healing modalities. I know for myself, it’s when I feel things that I make connections in my life. It’s not enough for me to talk about things, or to think about things, I have to experience them. So, yes, I’m a big believer that you have to “feel to heal”. I also appreciate that healing and transformation occurs across your mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, integrative approaches are necessary to evoke change.

Transformative Experiences

I have spent several years working with various first responders and Veterans. Like many of them, I don’t have the time or patience for bullshit (whispers: I like to whisper and I like to swear). I know that it’s challenging to find adaptive coping outlets that are legitimately helpful. However, I genuinely believe in transformative, healing experiences because I have had them. Sound healing allows me to quiet my mind, step into my body, and open my heart and intuition. Breathwork facilitates an altered state of consciousness, as well as beautiful, deep inner healing and clarity. During Reiki, I often have powerful imagery and creative inspiration. These experiences make me feel alive and grateful to be alive. Of course, I want to share this with others! 

Tune Out or Tune In?

So, remember the part when I said I’ve tried things that haven’t always helped me? I have no expectations that people will have the same experiences as me. Everyone has unique mental, physical, and emotional experiences that often change with each session. Whether you are searching for something relaxing or transformative, I invite you to tune in…and stay tuned.


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