I remember the sleepless nights and the belly laughs. I remember when my kiddos regularly held my hand… and when they stopped. We’re now in a phase of busy schedules, and an interesting mix of genuine heart-to-heart conversations as well as eye rolls. The latter may be partially fueled by my random breakouts into song and/or dance at school drop-offs, but let’s not get stuck in details. My youngest still calls me “Mama” and my eldest calls me “Mom”. It’s funny how each age and phase brings its own unique rewards and challenges.

Throughout my motherhood journey, I’ve experienced some incredible “Mom Wins” and some considerable “Mom Fails”. I know the challenges of work/family balance and feeling like I was lost, or losing myself along the way. As a mom, partner, and mental health professional, I’m very comfortable caregiving for others. However, my own self-care journey has been a rather uncomfortable and messy process.

I struggled with post-partum depression and anxiety when my kids were young. Sadly, the first time around, I didn’t recognize what was happening (and yes, there was definitely some denial and shame at that time given my professional, mental-health background). I fought really hard to hide it. In fact, I hid it so well that none of my supports knew that I was struggling. I “successfully” denied them the opportunity to offer any help, and myself, a chance to receive it. With my second child, the depression hit much later and much stronger. It was undeniable and absolutely disheartening. It also forced me to both ask for, and receive, help. I had to take a good, hard look at my own self-care practices…bleh.


I’ve spent years searching for, and trying different interventions and modalities to help myself. I completely appreciate and respect that if I am caregiving for others, I have to be able to care for myself.  However, for a long time, I struggled to slow down, be in the present moment, and to “show up” for myself. When I say “show up”, I mean legitimately taking care of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. I think that’s why mindful practices like breathwork and sound healing really resonate with me because these modalities facilitate and reinforce “showing up” for oneself across various realms. It’s also why I’m passionate about sharing these practices because I want other moms, caregivers, and helpers to be supported and to be well.



To celebrate moms, this upcoming Mother’s Day, I’ve partnered up with two amazing women and fellow moms, Katie Crane and Tessa Alexander for a special giveaway contest on Instagram. It includes the chance to win a mini-photo session with Katie (valued at $400) and a day pass to our Mother’s Day retreat (valued at $350). Featured at the majestic Zen on The Lake, the day will include yoga, sound healing, breathwork, maternal mental health talks, meditation, tarot, good food, and a good time! On Instagram, you can follow us for more details @tunedinwithtiffany @katiecranephotography_ @yogablissbytess @zenonthelake

Introducing Katie Crane

Katie Crane is a talented photographer with a gift of “visual story-telling”.  I met Katie at Tessa’s baby shower and I absolutely loved (and was very moved by) a picture that she took of my daughter. I was inspired to collaborate both for some family photos and some professional photos for my website. I love Katie’s use of lighting and her genuine ability to “capture” people’s essence, as well as beautiful moments. Katie is down to earth, family-oriented, and just generally lovely to work with. To learn more about Katie and her photography business, you can visit her website:

In her most recent blog, she talks more about the giveaway: Blog – Toronto Family Photographer, Weddings & Events | Katie Crane Photography

Introducing Tessa Alexander

Tessa Alexander is a mental health practitioner (i.e., registered psychotherapist and registered psychological associate), registered yoga instructor, and founder of Yoga Bliss by Tess. Tessa is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and thoughtful mental health and wellness provider. I met Tessa several years ago when I was teaching at Brock University. I’ve since been fortunate to collaborate with Tessa on several research projects, mindfulness groups, and various clinical roles. Tessa is a talented, capable and inspirational young woman. I’ve watched with admiration and respect as she has pursued her interests and dreams while also staying true to her heart. I’m so excited to partner with Tessa again to offer holistic, mind/body/spirit approaches to wellness. Yoga is another mindful, beautiful modality that facilitates “showing up” for oneself. To learn more about Tessa and her Yoga business, you can visit her website: Yoga Bliss by Tess and you can register for our workshop here Services — Yoga Bliss by Tess

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